Kari’s Biography

Kari Mumy earned a degree in mathematics and studied statistics before it was fashionable for women, then she worked in veterinarian offices caring for pets and, in her spare time, began writing stories. After her marriage, she and her husband started a dairy farm in Oklahoma. She still finds time to write fiction creating worlds where her imagination embraces the universe.

Kari Mumy

When writing, Kari draws heavily on her formative years of growing up on a Midwestern farm where she loved animals, star gazing, reading, and the outdoors. Those early passions form the settings of many of her stories. Raising three children and her current responsibilities with her husband’s dairy limit her time to write. Although her stories range from mainstream literary to science fiction, they retain a gritty realism. In her coming-of-age stories, her heroines face life-altering choices.

The imaginary worlds Kari’s heroines live in reflect real-life problems encountered by children and women, problems ranging from dysfunctional families to discrimination to oppressive government institutions. Kari welcomes readers to share her heroines’ journeys and their victories.

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