How can I convince child services I’m not an alcoholic?

A Child Services’ Accusation Is Final

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There’s no medical or lab test that proves a person is or isn’t an alcoholic. There are medical tests to show how much a person drank in the past, more tests show how much damage previous drinking has done to the body, and Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) tests and the breath analysis frequently administered by law enforcement can show how much alcohol is currently in the bloodstream–but there is not a definitive test that defines whether a person is or isn’t an alcoholic. Even a string of “clean” urine analysis (UAs) or breath analysis will only prove a person hasn’t had an alcoholic drink or a street drug recently. The American Medical Association, the World Health Organization, and Alcoholics Anonymous have vague definitions of an alcoholic which do not clearly define who is and who isn’t an alcoholic.

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If you have collected any driving under the influence (DUI) tickets, most of the world will immediately label you as an alcoholic or addict.

Once a social worker or judge is convinced a person is an alcoholic, regardless of the accuracy of their opinion, the person is labeled in case files and court records as an alcoholic. Arguing with the officials will only irritate them and won’t change their minds.

What to do!


Don’t drink, not even a sip of communion wine. If not drinking is a problem for you, then do not pass go, do not stop at your favorite watering hole, go straight to Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) or a treatment center and get help. Social workers are normally reassured if you take active steps–even if you don’t think you’re an alcoholic. And don’t switch to street drugs. One joint, one drink, one snort, one positive Urine Analysis (UA) may take your child(ren) farther away.

If you can stop drinking/drugging without assistance, great! But give up arguing with the social workers about whether or not you are an alcoholic. The more you argue with social workers and judges, the more trauma they will insert into your child(ren)’s and your lives.

For your child’s sake, don’t start arguing “… but I have a legal right to drink.” Of course you do, but life has brought you to a choice between your legal right to drink and/or drug, and your children. Which is more important: your child or a drink?

Good-bye to a child

Make a Decision!

If your legal right to drink is more important than your child, then bottoms up and at your next supervised visit, tell your child(ren) good-bye forever.

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